UDTJ officially unveiled Delaware County’s first-of-its-kind community center on February 10th, 2024, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to understanding, devotion, taking action, and justice—the core principles encapsulated in their acronym. As a social justice and community programming organization founded by dedicated young adults from Delaware County, UDTJ is steadfast in its mission to bring about the change they envision.

UDTJ’s community center extends a warm welcome to youth, with a particular focus on those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQQIA+, special needs, disabled, or attend schools within the Upper Darby, William Penn, or Southeast Delco school districts. Designed to be a safe haven, the center offers essential services and resources to address the unique needs of these diverse groups.

Under the umbrella of Delco Days, UDTJ has pioneered an initiative that facilitates the provision of critical services beyond regular business hours. This comprehensive support includes counseling, mental health assistance, crisis intervention, recovery services, legal aid, disability services, immigrant support, housing resources, educational assistance, and job placement. The aim is to empower youth by meeting their needs in a secure environment while accommodating their schedules, which are often filled with school and work commitments.

The community center not only offers essential services but also strives to empower the youth through workshops and cohorts. Themes such as self-love, advocacy, harm reduction, and mental health are explored in detail. Notable collaborations, like the 8-part opioid education series with Savage Sisters in Recovery and local school districts, underline the commitment to issues like vaping, de-escalation training, violence prevention, and financial and digital literacy.

In addition to workshops, the center hosts violence prevention and de-escalation training, BIPOC peer support groups, workforce readiness workshops, and various other empowering programs. For detailed information on programming, interested individuals can reach out to UDTJ’s Program Director, Dyamond Gibbs at programs@udtj.org.

Moreover, the community center features a Resource Closet stocked with hygiene products, clothing, and kits for COVID, Narcan, and safe sex. This holistic approach ensures that the youth not only receive essential services but also gain access to necessary resources for their well-being.

Continuing its commitment to the community, UDTJ maintains its existing programs, including Mural Arts and the PRIDE Parade. The much-anticipated Delaware County Pride Parade, known as “Pride on State,” is scheduled for June 1st at 100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, PA 19082. The event serves as both a celebration and an educational platform for LGBTQQIA+ youth in Delaware County, addressing the challenges of isolation and depression they often face.